Our History

Our firm was founded by Jim Lyons (CEO), when after years of studying companies resulted in the identification of a troubling trend – too many companies consistently failed to achieve the desired outcomes from the programs and projects they embarked upon.

It was the same old story, regardless of what consulting firm organizations engaged, they all struggled to consistently succeed. Big 4 consultancies came with big stories and big rates, and staffing companies came with low rates and low capabilities.

Committed to correcting this troubling trend, Magic Hat Consulting was launched in January 2007 with the belief that helping companies improve in three key capabilities – Process Transformation, Program & Project Management and Organizational Change Management, Magic Hat would improve organizations’ overall business performance.

Magic Hat Consulting continues to evolve to best serve our clients, however we remain committed to finding a better way by achieving two simple goals:

(1) Help companies consistently achieve desired outcomes, and

(2) Create a workplace where talented and passionate people will be their best.

Our Journey

We open our doors.

Jim Lyons founds IT Magic Hat in suburban Philadelphia and begins serving clients throughout the Northeast Region of the United States.

We achieve award winning growth

In only a few short years, we’re recognized as the 4th Fastest Privately-Owned Growing Company in Philadelphia.

We maintain notable sustained growth.

For the 8th consecutive year, we continue to achieve both top and bottom line growth.

We commit to the Life Science + Biotech Industry

As Covid impacted the world in such a comprehensive manner, we decided now is the time for us to play our part in helping the world be a healthier place.

We become Magic Hat Consulting

To better align with our brand and professional services, we change our name to Magic Hat Consulting.

We garner more recognition for our success.

The following year, we were recognized as the 182nd Fastest Privately-Owned Growing Company in the entire USA.

We pivot our offerings to better serve clients.

Sensing a growing need in clients and prospects, we pivoted our professional business services to deliver management consulting to the Health & Wealth industries and beyond.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

Talk to us today to see how you can begin to improve tomorrow.

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