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Agile Approaches Enhance Digital Engagement and Marketing Operations

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A transparent, Agile Marketing Approach provided the necessary adaptability to address new challenges, while the inherent cross-functional collaboration led to shorter campaign development times, increased team morale, and reduced project risks.

The Business Problem

A $45B global pharmaceutical company wanted to implement a future-focused digital marketing strategy to engage customers in real-time with relevant content. They also needed to optimize the customer experience to improve business outcomes and maintain their market leadership in a volatile and unpredictable marketplace.

The leadership team at this company faced a number of significant challenges:

  • Long digital campaign development and deployment cycle times
  • Competing priorities across siloed delivery teams made collaboration less than optimal
  • Delays in embracing mindset and cultural shifts hampered team success
  • Unrealized return on investment in digital engagements

Addressing the Issues: New Mindset Adoption & Collaboration

  • Provided strategic planning and advisory coaching for executives to best embrace and implement an Agile Mindset and Ways of Working.
  • Designed and implemented a proof of concept for delivering agile Digital Engagement marketing campaigns.
  • Guided the design of an Agile Center of Excellence with overall responsibility for a successful transformation of the Marketing Operations Team.
  • Created Communities of Practice for Scrum Masters and Product Owners to foster increased collaboration across all practice areas.
  • Provided pragmatic training and high- touch coaching for all associated team members in the adoption of an Agile Mindset, and Scrum and Kanban Principles and Frameworks.
  • Supported rapid Scrum team formation, launch, and maturation.

Delivering Successful Outcomes

  • Rapidly reduced the time to market and significantly increased the quality of digital engagement campaigns.
  • Improved the effectiveness of messaging and marketing tactics by enabling test-and-learn cycles.
  • Validated the proof-of-concept leading to leadership confidence and support for the broader adoption of Agile.
  • Enabled a cultural transformation in addition to the business process changes.

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