Accelerating Digital Engagement through Agile Enablement in Marketing Operations

Adopting an Agile Mindset and Framework Improves Efficiency and Delivery Times of Digital Engagement Marketing Campaigns

A major global Pharmaceutical company wanted to implement a future-focused digital marketing strategy to engage customers in real-time with relevant content and optimize the customer experience to improve business outcomes and maintain their leadership in today’s volatile and unpredictable pharmaceutical marketplace.

Needing an efficient way to achieve these goals, the leadership team decided to implement an Agile approach to designing and delivering digital marketing strategies. Realizing that the transition to an Agile approach presented major challenges as it was a substantial change from their traditional corporate culture, they engaged Magic Hat Consulting as a trusted, reliable and experienced partner to achieve their desired outcomes.


  • Long digital campaign development and deployment cycle times.
  • Diluted focus and competing priorities caused by siloed and matrixed delivery teams.
  • Slow to embrace mindset and cultural changes.
  • Unrealized return on investment in digital engagements.

Mid Atlantic


70,000 employees

18 months

Reduced time-to-market

Improved effectiveness and messaging

Increased Leadership confidence in Business Agility

Cultural and Business Process Transformations enabled

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Overlapping highways
  • Provide Strategic Planning Advisory Services for Client Executives in the adoption of an Agile Mindset and Ways of Working.
  • Design and implement a proof of concept for developing and delivering Digital Engagement marketing campaigns with an Agile approach.
  • Guide the design of an Agile Center of Excellence with overall responsibility for the success of the Transformation.
  • Create Communities of Practice for Scrum Masters and Product Owners to foster collaborative improvements in those Practice Areas.
  • Provide pragmatic training and high touch coaching in the adoption of an Agile Mindset, Scrum and Kanban principles and frameworks for Product Managers/Marketing Executives, Product Owners/Marketing Leads, Scrum Masters and Scrum Team/Digital Delivery Team.
  • Support rapid Scrum team formation, launch and maturation.

Key Outcomes

"With an Agile approach to marketing, teams can identify and focus their collective efforts on high value campaigns, complete those campaigns cooperatively, measure impact - and then continuously and incrementally improve results and outcomes over time in a less stressful manner."
  • Rapidly reduced the time to market and increased the quality of digital engagement campaigns.
  • Improved the effectiveness of messaging and marketing tactics by enabling test-and-learn cycles.
  • Validated the proof-of-concept leading to leadership confidence and support for the broader adoption of Agile.
  • Enabled a cultural transformation in addition to the business process changes.
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