Lean Portfolio Management Drives Improved Business Value Achievement

Embracing an Agile Mindset and a Lean Agile Approach to Accelerate Value Delivery

The Global Learning and Development (GL&D) group of a major global pharmaceutical company was looking for a better way to manage their comprehensive Portfolio of Learning and Development (L&D) programs in support of their Manufacturing Division.

The Client’s existing approach to Portfolio Management was very siloed and lacked the view of the broader organizational goals. The Client wanted to improve strategic alignment, operational adaptability, and value realized while simplifying overall portfolio financial management.

We partnered closely with leadership, we quickly assessed their current operations and developed a roadmap to guide them along their journey. We focused first on supporting leadership to embrace Lean Agile Principals, to help overcome cultural barriers through a “change in mindset”. We then leveraged Lean Portfolio Management Processes as the foundation to support new ways of working. Lastly, we provided executive coaching to help support and accelerate the overall adoption of Lean Portfolio Management.


  • Long digital campaign development and deployment cycle times.
  • Diluted focus and competing priorities caused by siloed and matrixed delivery teams.
  • Slow to embrace mindset and cultural changes.
  • Unrealized return on investment in digital engagements.

Mid Atlantic


70,000 employees

6 months

Accelerated Business Value Achievement

Strategy & Execution Alignment

Effective Portfolio Financial Management

Portfolio Transparency

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Overlapping highways
  • Lean Portfolio Management Adoption

    Value: Provide Transparency, Enhance Communications, Enable Value-based Prioritization, Improve Capacity Management, Short Delivery Cycles, Simplify Financial Management, Empower LPM Team


    • Agile Mindset
    • Agile Principles
    • Lean Agile Advisory Services

    Knowledge and Desire

    • Agile Basics
    • Lean Portfolio Management
    • Agile Roles
    • Lean Agile Advisory Services
    • Agile Coaching

    Ability and Enforcement

    • Tool Selection and Configuration
    • Portfolio Migration
    • Prioritization (WSJF)
    • Capacity Management (Forecasting)
    • Lean Budgeting
    • LPM Team Launch
    • LPM Continuous Improvement
    • Lean Agile Advisory Services
    • Agile Coaching

BPI Engaged – Targets Achieved

Our timeframe was short, we needed to act quickly. Magic Hat Consulting moved at the pace we needed.
– SVP, Shared Service & Technology
  • Established a robust and well-documented method for evaluating proposed business process improvement projects
  • Evaluated and prioritized all proposed BPI projects, reporting on expected ROI for each executable in only three months
  • In less than a year, successfully delivered proposed projects and positioned the client to execute future BPI initiatives by enhancing its internal BPI capacity
  • Established a robust platform from which to pursue aggressive growth strategy
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