Project Management Skills Scaled to New Heights

Building Capabilities and Capacities to Deliver More, Faster

A national shared services company, which supports some of the most respected insurance companies in the US, was looking for new ways to up their game. The company prides itself on running an efficient business, yet is always willing and ready to make changes to improve its delivery capabilities with the aim of achieving higher client satisfaction, increased through-put, and overall cost savings.

In partnership, we developed a new project management consulting model that enabled our client’s Project Management Office (PMO) to execute its project portfolio better than ever before. This model leverages the best qualities of advisory consulting and staff augmentation services. Valuable insights and guidance enhanced the PMO’s capabilities while keeping project management staffing flexible, responsive, and cost-effective.


  • Faced major staffing issues due to significant variance in the ebb and flow of its client project portfolio
  • Needed to improve quality and consistency of project management talent while not increasing costs
  • Struggled to assimilate project management consultants into its culture to present a seamless, unified front to its internal clients
  • Required a reliable method to measure the real value of the new operating model

Mid Atlantic

Shared Services Provider

400+ employees

Year 2 of 4 Year Contract

Record high through-put levels

Increased brand value and positioning for PMO

Increased project engagement from strategic clients

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Overlapping highways
  • Conducted a Partnership Initiation Program, establishing executive alignment, operational model, and account management processes to ensure proper governance and structure
  • Developed comprehensive orientation, on/off-boarding, and performance management programs
  • Created a PMO Council to foster innovation, open and regular communication, and continuous improvement mindset

PMO Delivering Value at Record Levels

Our CIO announced that the PMO is delivering projects on-time, on- budget and at a higher quality than ever before.
– Vice President of PMO
  • Project through-put reached an all-time high
  • PMO brand improved significantly and is now viewed by company leadership as a strategic partner across the enterprise
  • Our client was recognized by its most strategic customer: “Our project portfolio has never been delivered at this speed. For the first time we are in a position to provide you more projects.”
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