Harnessing BPI to Achieve Aggressive Strategic Objectives

Determined BPI Priorities – Then Drove Execution

When a leading mortgage services provider was faced with meeting aggressive financial targets, they turned to us for guidance.

Our team quickly created a structured approach and evaluation criteria to measure the potential of BPI initiatives. Within three short months, we produced a portfolio of BPI Projects and a Roadmap establishing how the company would meet those lofty targets.

We then lead and executed the Roadmap. Within nine months, we delivered over $1 million of benefits. We also trained employees, empowering them with new skills to achieve future BPI benefits.


  • Unable to determine and set priorities in considering what business processes to improve
  • Lacked a method or structure to effectively evaluate competing potential BPI projects requested by different business units
  • Required an experienced BPI team with experienced leadership to successfully execute the approved projects in a timely, cost-effective manner

Northeast Region

Mortgage Services Provider

1,200 employees

18 months

Achieved regulatory compliance

Developed structure to maintain regulatory compliance

Improved overall project execution capabilities

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Overlapping highways
  • Developed a detailed evaluation criteria process which included prioritizing projects by financial benefit, implementation costs, project duration, and likelihood of success
  • Created a BPI Roadmap that enabled and guided the successful execution of the BPI Portfolio
  • Created an executive dashboard that provided transparency for the company to understand the progress achieved
  • Provided managed BPI services that accelerated the execution of the BPI Portfolio

BPI Engaged – Targets Achieved

Our timeframe was short, we needed to act quickly. Magic Hat Consulting moved at the pace we needed.
– SVP, Shared Service & Technology
  • Established a robust and well-documented method for evaluating proposed business process improvement projects
  • Evaluated and prioritized all proposed BPI projects, reporting on expected ROI for each executable in only three months
  • In less than a year, successfully delivered proposed projects and positioned the client to execute future BPI initiatives by enhancing its internal BPI capacity
  • Established a robust platform from which to pursue aggressive growth strategy
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