Speeding the Achievement of Regulatory Compliance

Building a Structure to Sustain Aggressive Business Growth

When a European bank was looking to establish and grow a US market presence, it knew regulatory compliance would be a priority. Yet for years it failed to achieve such compliance, stagnating the bank’s growth opportunity in the desirable US market.

With our help, the bank achieved compliance in 18 months. Of equal importance, we established a structure within the bank to maintain its compliance so that it could pursue strategic growth plans for this new market.


  • Failed to achieve regulatory compliance with banking authorities despite years of effort
  • Lacked internal capability and capacity to gain and sustain compliance with banking regulations
  • Failed to achieve success with two consulting companies, a Big Four and a niche banking consultancy
  • Business growth was stymied by inability to secure compliance with the regulatory authorities

Mid Atlantic


9,800 employees

18 months

Achieved regulatory compliance

Developed structure to maintain regulatory compliance

Improved overall project execution capabilities

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Overlapping highways
  • Established a Regulatory Compliance Program Management Office (PMO) with the governance and leadership to empower the bank to achieve compliance
  • Provided project management (PM) leadership, hands-on delivery, and coaching and mentoring services across bank departments to accelerate the compliance process
  • Embedded new PM capabilities and culture within the bank, thereby enhancing its ability to execute moving forward

Compliance Achieved + Sustained​

Quick to assimilate, achieve stakeholder alignment and buy-in from all parties to set the stage for success. A straight forward approach, and a genuine commitment to our success.
– EVP, Head of Strategy & CEO Office Director
  • Delivered regulatory compliance in just under 18 months from appointment
  • Dramatically improved execution capabilities via new project management skills
  • Built a sustainable structure for ensuring continued regulatory compliance
  • Established a robust platform from which
    to pursue aggressive growth strategy
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