Launch Excellence Results

Across the full lifecycle — strategy through execution — we serve as trusted partners of life sciences companies, providing the strategy and leadership necessary to achieve product launch success.

Maximize Product Launch Success

From first-launch emerging biotech to the largest global pharma companies, we can help you maximize product access, revenue, and outcomes.

Assess Readiness

Leveraging best practices, Magic Hat reviews existing launch plans to identify gaps, risks, opportunities and provides recommendations on timelines, resourcing and budgets.


Partner with US & global teams to develop effective brand strategies for individual brands or product franchises. “Set the stage” for peak product launch success.


Develop detailed launch plans and coordinate all activities necessary to successfully drive product launch execution. Ensuring cross-functional alignment, activating proven launch frameworks, managing risks and issues, and creating KPIs, our LEx experts propel your launch success.

Enhance Internal Launch Capabilities

Build or enrich your organizational launch structure and capabilities to catapult future product launch success.

Assess Capability

Evaluate current launch excellence maturity, including processes, people, tools, culture, organizational structure, and aspirations. Applying industry benchmarks and Magic Hat best practices, we create a roadmap and guide companies to bolster launch capability and achieve desired performance levels.

Develop Organizational Strategy

Develop Launch Excellence Strategies that will successfully serve at the Enterprise Level, Market Level (US or Global), or by Therapeutic Category (e.g. oncology). Define target capability maturity level, design the right organizational structure, resourcing strategy, LEx standards, and KPIs. Benefit from the right LEx structure and capability to meet unique needs for each segment of your organization.

Implement & Operationalize

Are you striving to improve a launch capability in one area of your organization? Looking to build a new capability altogether? Establish a launch COE? Regardless of the goal, Magic Hat prepares a customized roadmap and implementation plan to improve your launch capabilities.

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