Cultural Transformation

Transforming the culture of an organization is the key to achieving true and sustainable transformation. Aligning people to work towards a common goal, embracing fresh thinking, and developing new skills all contribute to the foundation of cultural transformation.

These components, when supported by leadership effectiveness, innovative organizational design, and performance management, will accelerate adoption and achieve benefit realization.

Women working, discussing cultural transformation

Go Deep to Transform Your Culture

Cultural transformations are successful when team members are engaged in defining the changes that are actively promoted by leaders who lead by example.

At Magic Hat Consulting, we always put the focus on people first.

Leadership Effectiveness

Organizations need effective leaders to achieve high levels of success. Leaders who seek to continuously improve understand the value of leading with strengths, leveraging feedback, identifying opportunities and embracing new leadership styles.

We bring an innovative approach to elevate leaders at all levels by transforming the education process into an iterative, engaging, personal growth journey.

Employee and Client Engagement

The true reflection of an organization’s success is rooted in the people they serve; understanding and addressing employee and client needs cannot be overstated. Maximizing the ability of your team and empowering them to deliver value is paramount.

We leverage design thinking approaches to develop and deploy impactful solutions that make real connections with employees and clients. We keep people the priority.

Organizational Design and Effectiveness

Conventional organizational structures can be barriers to progress when speed of information, adoption, and action are necessary for higher productivity.

We challenge conventional thinking, create optimal organizational structures and innovative processes to empower people and organizations to function at levels far greater than before.

Performance Management

Doing the actual work is often much less complicated than measuring progress and results. What and how you measure impacts future decisions.

We’ll help you identify the most relevant KPIs and develop the capability to capture, analyze and present information so you know how you are truly performing.

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